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Zil 130

Produced 1962–1994. First prototypes were made already in 1958. Its replacement for ZIL-164 but is also similar to army truck ZIL-131. With many modifications 3,38 million ZIL-130 trucks were produced. This is the first ZIL truck that was painted with familiar blue and white colors!
During the long production two updates were made in 1966 and in 1977. There were many modifications of this truck, here are some:

ZIL-130–76 — flatbed truck
ZIL-130B2 — farm dump truck
ZIL-130D1 — con¬struction dump truck (shorter, 3300 mm wheelbase)
ZIL-130G — flatbed truck (longer, 4500 wheelbase)
ZIL-130GU — flatbed truck (longer, 5600 mm wheelbase)
ZIL-130V1 — trailer tractor
ZIL-130-MMZ-554 — dump truck wit rectangular body for transporting light materials
ZIL-130-MMZ-555 — dump truck with elliptical body for transporting heavy materials (shorter, 3300 mm wheelbase)
There were also fire truck, gas emergency repair truck, cistern, street cleaning and different dump/flatbed versions with different measures for different types of payloads. Wheels 4x2
Engine (ZIL-130)
V8 petrol
Displacement 5,969 liters
Performance: 150 hp @3200 rpm
Compression ratio 6,5:1
Torque 226 lb/ft @ 1800 rpm
Gear¬box 5+1 gears (7,45; 4,1; 2,29; 1,47; 1,00; R-7,90)
Fuel tank 170 liters
Fuel type A-76
Fuel consumption 27 liters/100 km
Gear¬box 5 +1 speeds
Top speed 94 km/h
Length 6675 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 2400 mm
Wheel base 3800 mm
Ground clearance 270 mm
Turning radius 8800 mm
Curb weight 4300 kg
Max pay¬load 4000 kg (5500 kg on good roads)
Max trailer weight 6400 kg