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  1. Geoffrey Frost

    I too Served on "Albion" 1967/69. Pier-Head Jump to replace Court Martialed Direct Entry Artificer "deserter" in January 1967. (Remember Donald Campbell ? Captain Place VC ? ) I spent the entire Commission 3 Watches Boiler/Engine Rooms. Excercise off Scotland, then sudden Deployment South for "Aid to Civil Power", with Army Reservists (panic !) aboard ? Aden Withdrawal. (Did YOU actually get the Medal ?) Perth. Brisbane. Choppers on the Beach due to Oz Army Delay ?

    1. arthur

      Hi Geoff
      My pier head jump was from Portland to Singapore to await arrival of Albion to take over as local acting L/hand in the Met Offfice which consisted of a killick and two Naval Airmen (Bungy Williams and Charlie Sneddon)
      Bungy was the cheerleader of the football team, Charlie the goalkeeper.
      Recommissioned on Albion in Singapore and then stayed on with two replacement Naval Airmen (David Strike and Archie Traquair) David was an accomplished diver, still is, he is now something of a legend in Australia through his books and talks. Followed more fun and frolicks in the Far East before working back to the UK where I left the ship to go to the Western Fleet Weather Centre. The weather centre took over the whole world for the newly created Fleet Headquarters at Northwood when Singapore closed down.


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